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Blank Areas / Middle Margins/ Borders

Enabling a variety of designs to be produced without the need to use both perforated and non-perforated materials together, blank areas provide a seamless way to fulfill the needs of an application. Limited only by the versatility of the tool providing the desired hole type, size, and arrangement, a multitude of blank areas can be provided. To find out if a desired pattern can be produced with the blank areas your application requires, provide us with a drawing of the part and a representative will contact you. Examples of blank areas are shown here. , consult us at or our Customer Service No +91-98-6888-HOLE (4653).

Locator Holes

Intended to enable subsequent operations to be performed precisely in relation to the perforated area, accurately placed locator holes provide a means for increasing the probability that quality parts will be produced. To find out if locator holes can be produced in the size, shape, and location needed for your production process, provide us with a drawing of the part with the locator hole and a member of our staff will contact you. Two examples of locator holes in coil product are shown here.

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